Saturday Kitchen

Olly was back in the Easter Saturday Kitchen studio last Saturday with Matt at the helm, chefs Donal Skehan and Anna Haugh, and special guest Frank Skinner. Here are Olly’s drinks pairings in case you missed them…

To go with Anna’s Sea trout with cauliflower sauce, Olly served Found Manzoni Bianco 2022
(£8, M&S) and Hip Pop Apple and Elderflower Kombucha
(4 cans,£5.25, Sainsbury’s)

To go with Donal’s Harissa barbecued lamb with charred greens, Olly poured Navarra Mezquiriz Rosado 2022 (£5.49, Lidl) and Ginga Ninja Soda (12 cans, £29 Direct from Rapscallion Soda)

To go with Frank’s Heaven of Faggots with turnips, leeks and carrots, Olly paired a Cipriani Virgin Bellini (from £8, Widely Available)

To go with Frank’s Hell of Rare grilled steak with globe artichoke, Olly would have poured Bloody Virgin Mary (6 cans, £15, Available Direct)

Catch the episode on BBC iPlayer here and Olly will be back in the studio next Saturday 6th April! Tune in BBC One, 10am

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