Saturday Kitchen

Olly was back in the Saturday Kitchen last weekend pouring the drinks for Matt and chefs Nathan Outlaw and Ravinder Bhogal who were serving up delicious dishes for guests…Joel and Hannah Dommett!

Here are his drinks pairings in case you missed them!

To go with Nathan’s Outlaw’s Kedgeree, Olly paired Asda’s award winning Extra Special Rueda 2021 (from £5)

With Ravinder’s delicious Confit salmon with a pomegranate-pistachio crust and mint and coriander chutney, Olly poured a glass of Germany’s Pinot Gris Urmeer Löss 2021 from Waitrose (£8.99).

For Joel and Hannah’s food Hell of Japanese-style mushroom broth with yuzu grilled prawns, Olly recommends a glass or two of The Best Muscadet Sevre Et Maine 2020 from Morrisons (£8).

Catch up on iPlayer HERE.

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