Picnic Bargains

For picnics, save money by buying wine in a bigger format. You may feel you’re splashing out with my five-litre box rosé but the equivalent works out at around a tenner a bottle. It’s spot-on for a picnic and saves you clanking around heavy bottles. For reds, keep it light with Pinot Noir; feel free to chill it to focus fruitiness. And always pack a cider – with sausage rolls, pork pies and scotch eggs, nothing beats.


PULPT FLARE SUPERIOR SOUTH WEST CIDER (4.9%), £2.20, Tesco. Delicious cider with wholesome freshness and real appley bite.

PAUL MAS RESERVE PINOT NOIR 2020 (13%), £8.75, Morrisons. Soft, light red that’s
bafflingly brilliant for under a tenner.

FITZ PRINCE CHARMAT (12%), £14.99, Majestic. Made in the same way as Prosecco, this vibrant British bubbly is ace.

MÉDITERRANÉE ROSÉ FIGUIÈRE 2020 (12%), £65, laywheeler.com. Sumptuous, scrumptious, delicate: picnic perfection is this breezy rosé.


FOUND FETEASCA REGALA 2020 (11.5%), £7, M&S. Unbeatable value for a white as scented as a rosé. Utterly divine.

This article was originally published in YOU Magazine, Mail on Sunday, 13th June 2021

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