Las Palmas!

Olly enjoyed a career highlight last week when was invited to Jerez to blend the Las Palmas sherry range 2021 with Gonzalez Byass.

The Palmas range is made up of four rare, barrel-selected Fino and Amontillado sherries, capturing the freshness and personality of sherry taken straight from the barrel, without filtration or clarification.

To team up with Antonio Flores, coolest guy in sherry (surely an actual wizard of wine?) to choose the barrels from which this year’s range is blended was a huge honour for Olly and a wonderful insight into what is possible in a sherry solera from its beginning to 50+ years of age. Cask to cask the character is unique with astonishing vivacity.

A massive thank you to Gonzalez Byass for this magnificent opportunity.


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